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A special shout out to Lair Of Books for inspiring this new segment on the Colorfully Bookish Blog. Go over and check out her Friday Reads and Thangs post.

Last Friday Updates will consist of: current reads, a reading wrap up, music I have fallen in love with, tea’s that I have purchased, and food that I tried that had me LIVING MY BEST LIFE.

If you are still wondering about the concept of Last Friday Updates. I will explain again on the last Friday of every month you will get the juicy details of my very standard life.

Lets Begin!

Wrap up:

In the month of August, I read 11 books. If I had to rate my reading month I would give it 6/10. While the books that I read where good nothing was show stopping, heart-in-hand spell inducing. I was also avoiding some of more intimidating reads so it is definitely my fault. I still have three more books I want to get to but I will just update this post when I finish them.

I wrote a review for the Black God’s Drums if you want a more in depth review on it go over to my book reviews.

A Dead Djinn in Cairo is a short story about an attractive detective that is trying to solve a murder and as the night continues more dead bodies start to appear. The case leads her to a disturbing plot to end the world. I listened to the audio book version and I loved it. It was only 3 hours long so I imagine that reading the physical copy or ebook would not take more than that. I am finding that P. Djeli Clark is my kind of Sci-Fi author.

The Gold Sky series is a lovely romance series that I enjoyed but found very predictable. I didn’t read the second book in the series or the newest but I think I will be getting to those soon. Out of the ones I did read I enjoyed Three To love the best. I think that we need more characters like our fashionista Florence in romance. I would definitely recommend this series as a palette cleanser

Sweet Mercy was a short romance about getting your life back after losing it in a marriage that you thought was perfect. I enjoyed this read especially because it was set in Ghana and gave us a little bit of political intrigue. I wish I got a more background on the political system but if I wanted a history lesson I could just Google it. I feel like this book could have given us more romance but I understand that it is a companion story to “Imperfect Arrangements”and romance wasn’t the sole focus of this short book. I do believe I will be reading more from Francis Mensah Williams for sure.

The Mermaid, The Witch, and the Sea was an exciting read but there are still somethings that I have to process and think more critically about. I will be writing a review for this book soon so expect a book review within the next couple of weeks.

Current Reads:

I created that pretty tbr post to only read one book off that list. Hopefully before September comes I can knock off a two more because I worked so hard putting that together to not read more off that list.


This Month has been a god send for music. I am a fan of listening to genres of all kinds. Music in all languages.

While I do listen to Brazilian music often this month I was able to expand my horizons even more due to the lively Lou over at Lou Reading Things . Her playlist added some more flavor to my month.

Geola Abaixo

Got to make sure that Liniker specifically is shown on this list because her soulful voice, her unique sound, her vibes are everything.

Brechoque, Boca, and Intimidade are my favorites.

Ho, why is you here?

All you got to know is I am apart of the Flo Militia. I use this album when I need to feel like a baddie.

Weak, May I, and Like that Bitch are my favorites.

Ungodly Hour

I still haven’t been able to stop playing this album since it came out so I can’t create this list without adding it

Forgive Me, Tipsy, Busy Boy, Catch up and Wonder What She Thinks of Me are my favorites from the album.

Enclave de Bolero

I am big fan of Bolero and Musica Romantica so it was a pleasant surprise when I stumbled upon this ep. It had me wanting to dance in someones arms, dreaming about long walks on the beach, and being wined and dined.

Sabiduria and Por la Carretera are my favorites.

Be Somebody

Sevana has now infiltrated my heart. Listen to this ep immediately. While I love all of it, Mango has me wishing I was on a beach so badly.

Mango, Be somebody, Set Me On Fire are my favorite songs on this ep.

Black is King

A moment. A life altering, soul harvesting, transfixing, hypnotizing moment. I am so sorry for not listening to this album when it came out.

My Power, Don’t Jealous Me, Water, Ja Ara E are my favorites.


I like to consider myself a bit of tea snob a connoisseur if you will. The tea that I found myself surprisingly obsessed with was Lady Blue by Zest Tea a deliciously fruity black tea. I usually like my teas sans the fruit but this one I will be purchasing again.


Next Month I will do a better job of documenting what I cooked because right now I am blanking really badly. This month for my best friends birthday we went to a restaurant in D.C. at The Wharf called La Vie. I had the most spectacular lamb chops I have ever tasted.

10/10 would eat there again.

And that is it for Last Friday Updates. If you read all of this I thank you for your patience and dedication. Going over everything that happens in a month is a lot harder than it seems.

What are somethings you enjoyed this month?

Thanks again and stay colorful my bookish friends!

Oh my gawd my first ever book tag. The excitement! I was tagged by the lovely and oh so talented The Perks of Being Noura blog. I truly appreciate it.

Tag Rules:

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What are you currently reading?

Is this a trick question because it feels like a trick question?! I at any given time am reading 3+ books but right now I am trying to get through at least some of my tbr. My library keeps sending me more books its so hard.

What are your favorite ‘can’t leave the house’ activity?

This is very simple very easy answer:



Watching some Anime

A book you’ve been meaning to read forever?

I have read the Bone Witch but haven’t read the last two in that series though I have been meaning two for the longest. Storm of Locusts is one I have picked up and put down too many times to count. Latinext is one I am salivating to read and will hopefully have it finished by the end of the month. The Passage has been on my bookshelf for three years. I will get to it!

An intimidating book on your tbr?

I know I am going to love it but I am scared.

Top three priority books on your tbr?

LOOK AT HOW COLORFUL THESE BOOKS ARE ?! Not only are they super colorful but also supposed to be well written and spectacular reads. They are definitely a priority!

Recommend a short book?

One of the types of books that I have been trying to read more of are short story collections and in general just shorter books. This one was surprisingly delicious and wildly different to what I usually read.

Recommend a long book?

Thorn had me transfixed and in love with my goose girl. The Poppy War had me sobbing and ready to go to battle.

Something you’d love to do while stuck at home?

I am starting incorporate more movement into my day to day so I have started working out in the morning with my work wife.

I have found that I love to blog so doing this has been a delight and a new joy for me.

I love talking with my friends over the phone or watching movies with them through Netflix party or Zoom. Staying connected with them has been really important to me.

What do you plan on reading next?


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